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Software Systems Research at UCLA

The UCLA Computer Science Department has a diverse group of faculty and students working in the area of software systems. We have a broad array of ongoing research activities that span the entire spectrum of software systems, including programming language design and implementation, software engineering, operating systems, and embedded systems.

Current Research Projects

  • Asbestos, operating system based on new labeling and isolation primitives
  • Atasyn, timing analysis of TCP servers for surviving denial-of-service attacks
  • Avrora, scalable sensor network simulation with precise timing
  • Blast, software model checking for C
  • BPFS, file system using byte-addressable, persistent RAM to provide stronger durability and consistency guarantees
  • Clarity/JavaCOP, user-defined type extensions
  • Click, modular router
  • Cloudfarm, a peer-to-peer system that enables end-user machines to participate in data storage for Web applications
  • Conquest-2, low-energy file system design
  • DRFx, simple and efficient semantics for concurrent programming languages
  • Eel, event-driven programming library with verification and tool support
  • Featherstitch, modular file system with integrated dependencies for robustness
  • iMASH, mobile support for heterogeneous clients
  • Hauberk, an experimental investigation of the incentives mechanism and robustness of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol
  • Java Tree Builder, a front-end for the Java Compiler Compiler
  • Libprefetch, faster nonsequential file access
  • MAYA, next-generation performance prediction tools for global networks
  • Measuring DDoS defense, building benchmarks, tools, and testbed support for measuring DDoS defense systems
  • Panoply, system support for secure organization and interaction in ubiquitous environments
  • Plan B, executable specifications for online failure recovery
  • Ralf, a framework for end-to-end evaluation of register allocators
  • Sympathy, a debugging and fault detection system for sensor networks
  • WHYNET, a scalable testbed for next generation mobile wireless networking technologies

Past Research Projects

  • Expanders, language support for modular object adaptation
  • JPred, practical predicate dispatch for Java
  • Kairos/Pleiades, programming languages for sensor networks



Adjunct Faculty

Research Staff

Postdoctoral Researchers

Graduate Students



  • Compilers Laboratory, 4810 Boelter Hall. For research into compilers, embedded systems, and programming languages.
  • Laboratory for Advanced System Research, 3564 Boelter Hall. For research into system security, file systems, ubiquitous and mobile computing, and operating systems.
  • Parallel Computing Laboratory, 3809 Boelter Hall. For research in design and evaluation of adaptive, mobile, wireless systems; recent projects in wireless network testbed development; system models employing hybrid/multi-paradigm modeling & parallel simulation techniques; cross-layer adaptive techniques; middleware support for nomadic computing.
  • TERTL Lab (Software Systems Laboratory), 3440 Boelter Hall. For research into the design, implementation, and evaluation of operating systems, networked systems, programming languages, and software engineering tools. Includes Readable Software Systems group.
  • Concurrent Systems Laboratory, 3285 Boelter Hall. For research into the design, implementation, and evaluation of computer systems that use state-of-the-art technology to achieve both high performance and high reliability, with a focus on parallel and distributed systems.


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